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from NPR

What Pushes Us To Work Hard?

In a TED talk, Dan Ariely examines the intrinsic values that motivate us to work

from the Cleveland Plain Dealer

Serbia's Humane Treatment of Refugees

Claudia Koonz: Serbian civilian initiatives offer a beacon of hope to refugees

from LinkedIn

How New VW CEO Can Restore Trust

Dorie Clark: Matthias Muller has a difficult – but not impossible - task ahead of him

from the New York Times

Dishonesty Only Provides Short-Term Benefits

Dan Ariely: We are just not good at thinking about the long term

Featured in 'news'

$25 Million Gift, $50 Million Center to Elevate Arts

A new arts center will open in two years, creating a central headquarters for the arts

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As the drip, drip, drip of the Clinton private email scandal continues, and Bernie Sanders climbs in the polls, it's become hard to come up with solid reasons why Vice President Joe Biden should not join the Democratic race for president, writes David Schanzer. Tell us whether you think the vice president should run.

From the Gallery

Laura Edwards: The Dual Heritage of the Confederate Flag

Historian Laura F. Edwards reflects on the dual heritage of the Confederate Battle Flag – first flying with the Confederate Army during the Civil War, and once again at State Capitols in opposition to federal civil rights legislation in the 1950s and 60s.

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Duke Leadership

Brodhead: A Shared Fate Between Academics, Athletics, Medicine and Location

In annual address to faculty, president discusses university's connection with medicine, sports and Durham


Zephyr Teachout on Corruption in America

The Duke Law alumna traces the history of political corruption in America

Politics & Public Policy

The Iranian Nuclear Deal

Nasser Hadian, a prominent professor at the University of Tehran, joins Peter Feaver and Mark Emamian in a panel discussion