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Resources for News Media

Are you a reporter working on a story? Here's where you find help from Duke.

from The Conversation

How Foreign Governments Influence American Media

Ted Begosian on efforts to censor his 1988 documentary film on Armenia

from CNN

What To Do About Drones

Missy Cummings examines whether streamlined FAA policies could have prevented the White House lawn drone crash

from Forbes

Malpractice Reform Won’t Save Money

Peter Ubel: Does our malpractice system directly lead to increased healthcare expenditures?

from the New York Times

When Women Become Terrorists

Jayne Huckerby on why the West ignores the role women play in groups like ISIL

Featured in 'news'

Chimps With High-Ranking Moms Do Better In Fights

Observations from the playground politics of chimp society in East Africa

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In an opinion piece in the New York Times, Duke professor David Schanzer and Duke student Jay Sullivan suggest that it's time to get rid of federal midterm elections. "The two-year cycle isn’t just unnecessary; it’s harmful to American politics," they write. Tell us on Facebook what you think of their proposal

From the Gallery

Laurie Patton on Public Scholarship

The dean of Duke's Trinity Arts & Sciences discusses public scholarship at a Forum for Publics and Scholars panel on open access. 

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Civil Rights, Duke, and Durham in the 1960s

A conversation with Professor Joseph Blocher and Wade Penny, '60, about the historic 1966 civil rights case, Klopfer v. North Carolina.

Duke Leadership

Brodhead at Notre Dame: The Once and Future Liberal Arts

At Notre Dame, President Brodhead has a message: Don't abandon the liberal arts

Politics & Public Policy

The Future of Two States

Journalist Ethan Bronner discusses the consequences of the growing separation between Palestinians and Israelis.