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from the Huffington Post

The Amazon Economy

Jed Purdy examines whether Amazon's corporate culture one worth emulating

from The Conversation

How Academic Prodigies Spend Their Time

Jonathan Wai, Matthew Makel: Indian students study more than their U.S. counterparts

from the New York Times

With Age Comes Wisdom, Concerns for Candidates

Murali Doraiswamy on the odds of a president’s cognitive abilities declining while in office

from Bloomberg

Foodies Can Succeed Where Environmentalists Failed

Jed Purdy: The food movement offers another way of thinking about nature

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Archives Alive: Students Dive Into the Rubenstein

Initiative aims to make collections a stronger part of the undergraduate experience

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As the drip, drip, drip of the Clinton private email scandal continues, and Bernie Sanders climbs in the polls, it's become hard to come up with solid reasons why Vice President Joe Biden should not join the Democratic race for president, writes David Schanzer. Tell us whether you think the vice president should run.

From the Gallery

Laura Edwards: The Dual Heritage of the Confederate Flag

Historian Laura F. Edwards reflects on the dual heritage of the Confederate Battle Flag – first flying with the Confederate Army during the Civil War, and once again at State Capitols in opposition to federal civil rights legislation in the 1950s and 60s.

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Dellinger, Leuchtenburg on Franklin

To mark the centenary of John Hope Franklin's birth, Walter Dellinger and William Leuchtenburg reflect upon the course that the three of them taught at Duke Law.

Duke Leadership

Brodhead: A Shared Fate Between Academics, Athletics, Medicine and Location

In annual address to faculty, president discusses university's connection with medicine, sports and Durham


Zephyr Teachout on Corruption in America

The Duke Law alumna traces the history of political corruption in America