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from Forbes

Medicare Punishing Hospitals That Care For Poor

Peter Ubel: Medicare's readmission policy harms hospitals that care for low-income patients

from The Conversation

Banking Tail Often Wags Regulatory Dog

Lawrence Baxter: Difficult to conclude that banks have not “captured” their regulators

from On Being

In Praise of Halloween's Ability to Connect Neighbors

Omid Safi: "For a few hours on Halloween night, we shape community."

from the News & Observer

Lawmakers Failing U.S. Veterans on Mental Health Help

Marine Corps vet Patrick Nevins says more must be done to stem the number of veteran suicides

Featured in 'news'

Same Votes, Different Districts Would Change Results

Mathematicians' study bolsters call for non-partisan redistricting reform

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A poll that finds Americans are increasingly open to a larger U.S. role in trying to solve problems around the world "runs counter to this conventional wisdom that the public is isolationist," says Bruce Jentleson, a former State Department adviser in the Obama administration. Tell us on Facebook how involved you think the U.S. should get in global problems.

From the Gallery

Laurie Patton on Public Scholarship

The dean of Duke's Trinity Arts & Sciences discusses public scholarship at a Forum for Publics and Scholars panel on open access. 

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Environment & Sustainability

The Future of Transportation

Tim Profeta, director of the Nicholas Institute, discusses the future of transportation in this Rational Middle Energy Series film.


Civil Rights, Duke, and Durham in the 1960s

A conversation with Professor Joseph Blocher and Wade Penny, '60, about the historic 1966 civil rights case, Klopfer v. North Carolina.

Natural Sciences

Women Don't Stick With the Sciences. Here's Why

Biology grad student Rotem  Ben-Shachar examines causes of "the leaky pipeline."