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Are you a reporter working on a story? Here's where you find help from Duke.

from Mondoweiss

Is Israel Losing the Media War?

Rebecca Stein says Israel's army has a history of failure with social media

from LiveScience

Bonobos Invade 'Planet of the Apes'

Brian Hare, Vanessa Woods on how a new movie got it wrong

from the Huffington Post

Solving the Mystery of Mental Illness

Allen Frances: Can $650 million donation solve mystery of mental illness?

from takepart

Why Won’t White Savior Complex Go Away?

Kathryn Mathers: Are we undermining the work of Africans in their own communities?

Featured in 'news'

The Surveillance State and Its Limits

Duke Law faculty and alumni on a new legal landscape 

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Following Eric Cantor's stunning defeat, Fuqua professor David McAdams suggested a way that would make it more likely for Republican incumbents to get re-elected -- allowing Democrats and Republicans to cross party lines when voting in a primary election. Tell us on Facebook what you think of this idea.

From the Gallery

Laurie Patton on Public Scholarship

The dean of Duke's Trinity Arts & Sciences discusses public scholarship at a Forum for Publics and Scholars panel on open access. 

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Environment & Sustainability

The Future of Transportation

Tim Profeta, director of the Nicholas Institute, discusses the future of transportation in this Rational Middle Energy Series film.


What is the Legal Evil of Slavery?

Professor Adrienne Davis speaks on slavery's intersection with law


The Future of Campaign Finance Reform

Harvard's Lawrence Lessig outlines campaign financing in U.S. elections and discusses the need for a new system