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from TIME

Bringing Bergdahl Home Was the Right Choice

Charles Dunlap: Bergdahl's actions do not diminish the rightness of getting him back

from The Washington Post

The Challenges of Marrying Outside Your Class

Jessi Streib: The financial stability of spouses’ childhoods shapes their marriages

from The Washington Post

Why Evangelicals are Divided by Afterlife Testimonials

Aaron Griffith: Testimonials pull the heartstrings of Christians seeking genuine experiences

from Forbes

Calling Obesity a Disease Dooms Dieters

Peter Ubel: Obese people can't be wholly blamed if obesity is labeled a disease

Featured in 'news'

An Illegal Act of Basketball

'The Secret Game' book describes match-up that flouted Jim Crow long before Civil Rights victories

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In The Washington Post, William Darity, Samuel DuBois Cook Professor of Public Policy, and his co-authors propose an alternative to President Obama's community college plan

From the Gallery

Laurie Patton on Public Scholarship

The dean of Duke's Trinity Arts & Sciences discusses public scholarship at a Forum for Publics and Scholars panel on open access. 

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Blake Wilson on Engineering for the Hearing Impaired

Cochlear implant pioneer Blake Wilson delivers the Pratt School's 75th anniversary lecture


Dellinger, Leuchtenburg on Franklin

To mark the centenary of John Hope Franklin's birth, Walter Dellinger and William Leuchtenburg reflect upon the course that the three of them taught at Duke Law.

Duke Leadership

Brodhead: A Shared Fate Between Academics, Athletics, Medicine and Location

In annual address to faculty, president discusses university's connection with medicine, sports and Durham