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from Forbes

Future Healthcare Spending

Peter Ubel: Recent good news about slowing of healthcare spending may be short-lived

from Quartz

White-Collar Criminals Hard to Sentence

Samuel Buell: Measuring out justice based on gains and losses is an illusion

from Project Syndicate

The Roots of Middle East Mistrust

Timur Kuran: Reviving Islamic law would only deepen a trust deficit

from the Savannah Morning News

A Turning Point in Georgia History

John Jeffries Martin on a 1742 battle that proved to be a turning point for Georgia

Featured in 'news'

DIVE, Art Historians Recreate 8,000-Year-Old City

Researchers recreate Catalhoyuk’s historical excavation in virtual reality

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The rise of online fact-checking around the world has kept people honest, says Duke journalism professor Bill Adair. So why are there so many "pants-on-fire" lies being told on the campaign trial? Tell us on Facebook what you think.

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The Innovative Ways Duke Faculty Are Teaching Online

A selection of the new and exciting ways Duke University faculty are teaching online on topics like computer science, business, art, health, and engineering.

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What's Ahead for the Supreme Court

Duke Law professors offer a preview of the coming Supreme Court session, which includes election-year decisions on the death penalty and other topics.


A Conversation Between President Brodhead and Dr. Damon Tweedy

Duke President Richard H. Brodhead and Duke psychiatry professor Dr. Damon Tweedy, author of “Black Man in a White Coat,” held a public discussion on race and medicine 


The Inside Story Behind the Iran Nuclear Deal

Ambassador Wendy R. Sherman provides an insider’s view of negotiations that led to the Iran nuclear deal.