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Talk of the Campus

Hickory Nut Gap Farm

'Useful Work': Photos of Hickory Nut Gap Farm Opens June 2 at Documentary Studies

May 29, 2016On their honeymoon in 1916, a couple was so enchanted with Sherrill's Inn in western North Carolina that they bought the land. For five generations the family has continued to work the property. [More]

Featured in 'working'

Counting the Ways to Save for Retirement

Employees share how financial decisions today can impact retirement years

Campaign Stop 2016

apple products 

If Apple can do this, so can most other companies since their value chains are a lot less complex than Apple’s


From the Gallery

My DukeEngage Story: Rohini Paul, Orange County, CA

Working with a summer program for young girls, Rohini Paul learned lessons about relationship-building and self identity.


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Remembering Srinivas Aravamudan

Duke faculty members held a special gathering to share their memories of Srinivas Aravamudan and their thoughts on his many contributions to Duke and the humanities

Campus News

Commencement Speech by Mike Krzyzewski

Men's Basketball Coach Mike Krzyzewski provides the Class of 2016 with lessons of leadership

Duke Leadership

Strategy Session: A Conversation with Washington, Broome and Kornbluth

Three Duke leaders discuss the strategic planning process and how the community can be part of it.

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