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A Note to Readers:

Duke University has created a permanent website about the "Duke lacrosse case" of 2006-07, in which three players were falsely accused of assaulting a Durham woman. The site provides a summary of what occurred and links to extensive background information.

The site you are now visiting is the final version of a "real-time" website about the incident that Duke's Office of News and Communications (ONC) launched shortly after the initial event and maintained until after the North Carolina attorney general's office dismissed all of the charges against the three players. ONC discontinued this site in May 2007.

Duke and Men's Lacrosse

Duke University and its men's lacrosse team came under national scrutiny after a Durham woman alleged she was assaulted at a March 2006 team party off-campus. On April 11, 2007, the North Carolina Attorney General's Office dropped all charges against three indicted team members, saying they are innocent of the charges. President Richard H. Brodhead and the university have undertaken a number of actions in response to issues that have arisen from the incident. This website provides updates and information about the incident, the university's response and the extensive media coverage.

Duke University   Charges dropped

The N.C. Attorney General's Office on April 11, 2007, dropped all charges against three lacrosse players indicted after a Durham woman alleged she was assaulted at a March 2006 team party off-campus. Read President Richard H. Brodhead's statement about the Attorney General's decision and a letter to the Duke community from Robert Steel, chairman of Duke's board of trustees. A statement from Duke Athletics Director Joe Alleva is available here.

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