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Sept 11: A Campus Reflects

Duke employee observes moment of silence
Michelle Haller, Duke employee, observing moment of silence at 8:46 a.m., when the Chapel carillon chimed for the first time.
Photo by Duke Photography


An Emotional Anniversary
Memorials bring back old feelings

The Day's Events
Carillon bells. Seminars. Ceremonies. Voices from the Campus. See how Duke commemorated the anniversary.

9/11 One Year Later
Duke president reflects on the anniversary's meaning.

Duke faculty discuss policy issues
Audio and video excerpts from the university's main 9/11 forum

Latest 9/11 News Releases

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[From Dialogue]
A Q&A with Professor Henry Petroski: Engineering Failures

Ebrahim Moosa: Muslim World Reacts: Silence of Islamic Leaders Harmful to Great Religion

audio Audio from Professor Moosa on "The Connection," on National Public Radio. Listen.

[From the News and Observer]
Peter Feaver: Beyond Defense is Offense

Ariel Dorfman: Cold Waters

Nancy Dupree: Still Fighting for Afghanistan

Bruce Kuniholm: 9/11, the Great Game, and the Vision Thing

Bruce Lawrence: Conjuring with Islam II

[From Duke Magazine]
Christopher Schroeder: Homeland Insecurities

  ___   SOUTH ATLANTIC QUARTERLY Selections from the South Atlantic Quarterly special edition (101:2)
"Dissent from the Homeland: Essays after September 11".

Collection Of Sept. 11 Essays Offers Dissenting Voices Amid 'Unreflective Patriotism'

Susan Willis: Old Glory (Excerpt)

Fredric Jameson: The Dialectics of Disaster (Excerpt)

Stanley Hauerwas: September 11, 2001 A Pacifist Response

Frank Lentricchia and Jody McAuliffe: Groundzeroland

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Focus Corner
___   Duke Photography

Photographer Jon Gardiner commemorates September 11 events.

___   Campus Voices

Campus Voices: Members of Duke community reflect on the meaning of the 9/11 anniversary.

___   DUMA Exhibit

A portfolio of images from the DUMA Exhibit "Missing: Documenting the Spontaneous Memorials of 9/11"

___   Catheryn Cotten

In a recent interview with Dialogue, Catheryn Cotten discusses how universities have had to change their visa administration.

Audio & Video

audio Audio from Duke's Karla Holloway on "Talk of the Nation," on National Public Radio. September 11, 2002 Listen.

audio Audio from Professor Ebrahim Moosa on "The Connection," on National Public Radio. September 10, 2002 Listen.

Information for Broadcast Media

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