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In our hope to carry forward the many strengths of the lacrosse program, we recognize the need for a strict standard for behavior. All members of the team resolve to adhere to this code as a condition of representing the university.

All student-athletes must adhere to Duke, ACC, and NCAA rules and regulations.

All student-athletes will follow all academic procedures established by the University, athletics academic counselors, and coaches.

Current student-athletes selected to host a prospective student-athlete must adhere to all Duke, ACC, and NCAA policies and guidelines pertaining to hosting.

Gambling is prohibited.

Conduct that constitutes harassment on the basis of gender, race, or sexual orientation is prohibited.

Disorderly conduct, violence, property damage, and theft are prohibited.

Under the laws of North Carolina, no athlete under the age of 21 may purchase, possess, or consume alcoholic beverages.

Student-athletes over the age of 21 may not provide alcoholic beverages to a person under 21 years of age.

Student-athletes are required to notify the head coach and athletic director of any violation of the code of conduct within 24 hours, even when the violation occurs during a vacation period and/or outside of Durham, NC. Failure to notify will result in immediate suspension.

All student-athletes will respect the dignity of all other persons and will not participate in any form of hazing or initiation.


First offense
Confront Team with Infraction
Community Service
Second offense 3 Contest Suspension
Community Service
Third offense 1 Season Suspension
Community Service

Alternative and stricter penalties may be imposed by the Head Coach and Department of Athletics as individual circumstances warrant.

While these guidelines stand as a deterrent, we recognize that the most productive changes we can make to our social culture are to root out the very actions that would precipitate a penalty. It is our hope that the values of the mission statement will mold such character so as to make the code of conduct superfluous. We are collectively committed to writing a new beginning for Duke Lacrosse. We look forward to bringing the pride of our past to a new responsibility for our future.

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