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50 Years of Chimpanzee Data -- Jane Goodall's meticulous note-taking grew into a rigorous long-term study of our closest living relatives. All of that data is now being curated and digitized at Duke.

The Jane Goodall Institute Research Center is an archive of dawn-to-dusk observations containing the complete life histories of more than 200 chimpanzees.

The collection receives new data with each day's observations. Its scientific value grows as scientists convert the data into digital formats.

  • Jane Goodall's Archive Comes to Duke

  • Duke Research blog: Goodall visits her data at Duke.

  • Goodall Visits the Archive ( Slideshow | Video )

  • Scientific Publications from the Archive

  • Gombe Map

    Tracking Life at Gombe
    Daily data about chimpanzee behavior, feeding and movement provides a rich, long-term picture of the animals. Follow two of them, with video examples, to see where they eat, groom and mate, and learn about the camp at Gombe. Go to the interactive video


    'Everything Was Interesting'
    Duke's Anne Pusey explains how the Gombe archive evolved from long-hand narratives to an abbreviated coding system that scientists are still using.
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    Jane Goodall's Legacy

    Jane Goodall's Legacy
    Jane Goodall did more than transform our understanding of chimpanzees. She blazed a path for other scientists, including several at Duke who talk about her influence.
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