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First day of class and beyond: Faculty case stories at MERLOT ELIXR

Primary Topic: 
Education & Classroom Learning

In this multimedia case story “Goals for First Day of Class” provided by MERLOT ELIXR, experienced faculty from  Engineering, Graphic Communications, Information Systems, Music, and Physics share their goals and strategies for an effective first day. See the faculty and their students at work, and listen to them explain their first day of class design, goals, and more (videos range from 1:30 to 7 minutes).

The screenshot below gives you an idea of what the case story homepage looks like.

In addition to the First Day of Class, the MERLOT ELIXR Initiative also features 70+ other case stories of faculty engaged in exemplary teaching practices. All the case stories are brief, applied, and focus on a particular teaching strategy.

For example, in the Active Learning in Large Lectures case story, a Chemistry professor from California State University – Long Beach successfully integrates groups and other active learning techniques into his large class with positive results.

Duke faculty:  if  you have case studies for ELIXR, let us know and we can help you create them! This could be a good opportunity to provide recognition to you while connecting to a national project.

January 9, 2012