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National Volunteer Week: Serving Meals at Urban Ministries

April 21, 2010

Duke communicators assist with Durham's growing hunger problem

Topics for this story: Durham & the Region, News Releases

DukeConnects website

April 21, 2010

MicroRNA Found to Move Within Plants

April 21, 2010

Master control of gene activity can travel between cells

Topics for this story: News Releases

Contraband Could Hide in Plain Sight

April 21, 2010

Searchers thrown off by multiple targets

Dance in the Spirit of Diaghilev

April 21, 2010

Annual ChoreoLab performance blends choreography, new music and live performance

Topics for this story: Arts, Faculty, News Releases, Students

Service-learning advocate: Learn from the communities you serve

April 21, 2010

Former Stanford official shares from 20-plus years experience

McLendon Named Provost of Rice University

April 21, 2010

Alvin Crumbliss, dean of natural sciences at Duke, will serve as dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and Trinity College for a one-year period.

Topics for this story: Arts, Faculty, Natural Sciences, News Releases

Could Obama pick a politician for Supreme Court?

New York Times, Reuters
April 21, 2010

Mexican plaintiff sues cardinals

Wall Street Journal
April 21, 2010