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Features Archive

How Duke Pep Band Fuels the Crazies

March 3, 2015

During basketball season, Duke musicians unleash their energy on fans

Topics for this story: Arts, Athletics, Faculty, Odds & Ends, Staff, Students

Do Cryptocurrencies Such as Bitcoin Have a Future?

Wall Street Journal
March 3, 2015

Campbell Harvey: Time will tell which alternative currencies, if any, will grow in acceptance and value.

Topics for this story: Finance, Opinion

Five Free, Fun Things at Duke in March

March 3, 2015

From a labyrinth walk to talks about the brain, take time for a free campus event in March

Zoboomafoo's Granddaughter Born at Duke

March 2, 2015

Fifth grand-heir for the beloved TV star, who died late last year

Zoboomafoo's Granddaughter Born

March 2, 2015

Lemur is fifth grand-heir for Zoboomafoo, the late star of TV show by Martin Kratt '89

The Boxing Champ of the Animal World

March 2, 2015

How mantis shrimp evolved many shapes with same powerful punch

Topics for this story: Research

Join Duke’s Unpark Yourself Challenge

March 2, 2015

Sustainability competition offers bike-electric vehicle as grand prize

Sound of Change

February 27, 2015

Charles Randolph-Wright '78, producer of Motown the Musical, comes back home

Topics for this story: Alumni, Arts, Education & Classroom Learning

Duke's Snow Day, In Pictures

February 26, 2015

A day of snowmen, sledding and campus beauty captured by your photos & videos

Topics for this story: Buildings & Grounds, Campus News