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If Your Vote Doesn't Show Yet on Election Website, Be Patient

State Board of Elections director says updates to voter tally can take a few weeks

Don’t be alarmed if you voted on election day and your vote doesn’t show yet on the state’s voter history search tool.

Those updates can take a few weeks, according to Karen Brinson Bell, executive director of the State Board of Elections.

“If you voted in person and inserted your ballot into a tabulator, your selections were immediately recorded on a memory card, and your votes were reported on election night as part of the unofficial results,” Bell said in a statement

“We respectfully ask that voters trust their bipartisan boards of elections across North Carolina. We are here to make sure your votes count, and they will.”

A “voter history” is updated to reflect recent voting on the State Board of Elections’ Voter Search tool. Go to the site and enter your first and last name (and county, if desired) and follow the instructions that are based on how you voted.

If you voted on Nov. 3, Election Day, it could take additional time for your voter history to show as counties complete post-election processes, according to the state board.

Sanford School professor Pope “Mac” McCorkle contacted the State Board of Elections after hearing from worried members of the Duke community whose votes didn’t show in the search results.

"I can understand voters' concerns about not yet seeing their votes recorded,” McCorkle said. “But it sounds like the State Board of Elections is on top of the situation and all vote records will be posted soon."