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Duke to Rescind Planned Undergraduate Tuition Increase, Reduce Fees for 2020-21 Academic Year

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Duke University will freeze undergraduate tuition at the same level as the 2019-20 academic year and rescind the planned 3.9% increase that had been announced earlier this year as well as reduce certain student fees, President Vincent E. Price announced Saturday. 

The changes take effect immediately and will cover all undergraduate students who are enrolled for the fall 2020 semester, regardless of their location.  Student fees will also be adjusted depending on whether students will be living in Duke-provided housing and in the Durham area, or studying remotely.   

“Duke is committed to providing a rigorous and enriching academic experience to all students, no matter where they will be studying this year,” said Price.  “At the same time, we recognize that COVID-19 has led to immediate and significant financial stress for our students and families that the university can help address through these changes.”  

Price also reaffirmed Duke’s longstanding commitment to access and noted that the university would reconsider applications for financial assistance from students who may have additional need as a result of the pandemic, and those who had considered or qualified for financial aid but may now require additional support.   

“Be assured that Duke’s pledge to meet the full demonstrated financial need for all students remains strong and the university is prepared to make additional investments in financial aid,” Price added.   

Further information on Duke’s financial aid programs can be found at

For the 2020-21 Academic Year, the following revised tuition and fees will be in effect for Duke undergraduates (billing is on a semester basis, so one-half of charges below): 

  • Tuition: $55,880.00 
  • Student Activity Fee (residential): $209.00 
  • Student Activity Fee (remote): $42.00 
  • Student Services Fee (residential): $523.00 
  • Student Services Fee (remote): $105.00 
  • Recreation Fee (residential): $162.50 
  • Recreation Fee (remote): $0 
  • Student Health Fee (outside NC but in US): $200.00 
  • Student Health Fee (remote outside US): $0 

All other fees, including housing and dining charges, and the residential student health fee, will remain as originally set and new bills will be sent directly to students and families, along with details on payments and credits.