News Tip: Rep. Meadows’ Retirement ‘Could Divert Much-Needed GOP Resources,’ Expert Says

U.S. Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) announced Thursday that he would not seek reelection next year but would continue supporting President Trump in an unspecified role, noting in a statement that “my work with President Trump and his administration is only beginning.”

“Already fighting an uphill battle to reclaim the U.S. House, Republicans losing incumbency advantage in this once-safe NC-11 district could divert much-needed GOP resources into what should be a more competitive open-seat race,” says B.J. Rudell, associate director of Duke University’s Center for Political Leadership, Innovation, and Service (POLIS).

“The most interesting angle is whether the newly drawn NC-11, which pulls in bluer Asheville, is now in play. It might come down to the strength of up-ballot candidates for governor, senator, and president -- and which party’s voters are more motivated heading into the 2020 election.”

B.J. Rudell, associate director of Duke’s Center for Political Leadership, Innovation, and Service (POLIS), can discuss election campaigns, gerrymandering, the presidency and political parties. He has worked as a legislative aide on Capitol Hill, on a presidential campaign, published political op-eds and appeared on major TV and radio programs.

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