The Duke Daily: Stories Worth Sharing

Today, we launch The Duke Daily. Produced by the Office of University Communications, it’s a daily email designed by people who love sharing stories about the things going on at Duke.

The Duke Daily will include three to five stories a day from across the university; it will be quick to read, easy to scan and even easier to navigate.

In the coming weeks, we will follow Duke faculty into the ocean to explore how to create a more sustainable economy; watch students learn and engage with leading contemporary artists; and hear scholars present tough choices on immigration.

The email will initially be sent to 27,000 university faculty and staff.  Others – including students, alumni and friends of Duke – can sign up to receive it. And if it’s filling your inbox and you don’t like it, don’t worry: The Unsubscribe button will be clearly marked and effective.

There is exceptional work being done by members of the Duke community on campus, in Durham and across the university, and the Duke Daily will bring those stories directly to you.