A Sanford Class Had $10,000 To Give Away to Nonprofits. The Decision Wasn't Easy

Imagine you had $10,000 to award to a nonprofit. There are so many deserving ones. How do you decide? Students in one of Tana Johnson's classes at the Sanford School of Public Policy learned how this semester, using real funds.

The class had $10,000 to award, thanks to a Pedagogical Experimentation Grant from Duke’s Undergraduate Program Enhancement Fund. From a pool of more than a dozen nonprofits, the students agreed on three winners.

This project was a part of PUBPOL 237/ POLSCI 225: Research in International Policy Issues.

Video producer/editor: Carol Jackson, Additional videography: Evan Bell '18

Music: "Shift of Currents," "Gaena," and "One Little Triumph" by Blue Dot Sessions. (Creative Commons)