Duke Employees Get Outside on Time Off

So far, employees have shared about 230 photos during #DukeTimeOff photo campaign

Tricia Smar, left, and Brent Darden enjoy a hike with their dog, Bella, at Swift Creek Bluffs.
Tricia Smar, left, and Brent Darden enjoy a hike with their dog, Bella, at Swift Creek Bluffs Nature Preserve in Raleigh.

Tricia Smar and Brent Darden set a #DukeTimeOff challenge for themselves: Hike six nature preserves across the Triangle.

Over July Fourth, they completed their third weekend hike at Swift Creek Bluffs Nature Preserve in Raleigh. 

"#DukeTimeOff gives us a great opportunity to get outside and go exploring," said Smar, training coordinator in the Trauma Center. "It allows us to recharge and reconnect with nature. Plus, quality time together (and with our pup) is always a bonus."

So far, staff and faculty have shared about 230 photos during the #DukeTimeOff photo campaign, which ends Aug. 11. To be eligible for prizes, which include a night at the JB Duke Hotel and dinner for two the Washington Duke Inn, photos must be taken between May 26, 2017 and Aug. 11, 2017 and shared by current University and Health System staff and faculty.

Here are a few scenes that highlight the hobbies, excitement, and big and small summer adventures of Duke employees.

Bill Gregory, visual artist in residence for Arts & Health at Duke, caught and released this Redfish near Topsail Island in July.

"Fought 15+ winds for this little one," he wrote on Instagram. "He was sitting on an oyster bed and had a subtle bite."

He added, "My time off is essential to who I am with family and friends. We typically find ourselves in and around water away from the daily hustle reconnecting with each other. It also allows me to reenergize and appreciate coming back to Duke Hospital with a new enthusiasm."

Melissa Bates, staff assistant in the School of Law's Registrar's Office, shared this photo of a camp she and her husband host in partnership with a high school in Wroclaw, Poland. They provide weeklong camps around the English Language and American culture.

"Time off is important to me because it allows me to pursue my passion of providing this camp," she said. "Working with these students is the most rewarding part of my life."

Audra Ang, public relations specialist for University Development, shared this picture at Ponysaurus Brewing Co. in Durham. "Waiting for fireworks under an epic sky," she wrote.

Ways to send your pictures:

  • Share your picture using the #DukeTimeOff hashtag on Twitter or Instagram and note what you’re doing with your time away from work. Be sure to mention @WorkingatDuke in your Twitter post.
  • Post a photo and caption on Working@Duke’s Facebook page [facebook.com/workingatduke].
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