Sights of Spring at Duke

There are many scenes to take in as spring unfolds across Duke University's campus.

Duke's campus springs to life as the seasons change. Video by Jonathan Lee

Duke Chapel, the Sarah P. Duke Gardens and East Campus are all spots that transform as the seasons change.

The plum trees are always the first to bloom. Their fuchsia petals decorate the walkways outside of Duke Libraries every February. Around the corner, cherry trees form a dense white canopy. The stained glass and warm stone pinnacles of the Duke Chapel can be glimpsed through their boughs.

These are the first hallmarks of spring at Duke -- a time when campus stirs with activity before the dog days of summer. From the magnolia blossoms in the Sarah P. Duke Gardens, to a bustling evening on the Campus Center walkway, spring at Duke is full of sights worth taking in. Experience it all in this time lapse journey across the university’s grounds.