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Pattanayak Presents International Talk on Mitigating Climate Change, Fighting Poverty


Subhrendu Pattanayak gave a talk at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Stockholm, Sweden, on March 21. He discussed a report he co-authored on action that could potentially mitigate climate change and reduce poverty, published by the Expert Group for Aid Studies.

The audience included members of the Swedish parliament, various development assistance agency (Sida, DFID, NORAD) staff, and development consultants.

In an interview afterward, Pattanayak argued that "while there is very strong evidence that climate change will have significant effects, we do not have evidence of is whether the projects and policies are now investing in will mitigate these effects or not or reduce poverty."

Their systematic review of the aid impacts literature shows that climate finance needs to be evaluated to see if it is reducing poverty and emissions causing climate change – as summarized in an op-ed published by the study authors.