New Parking Permit Use to Begin Aug. 16

2015 parking permits will expire at midnight Saturday

Duke parking permits are set to expire after Aug. 15 and employees will need to start using newly received permits at 12:01 a.m. Sunday, August 16.

Unlike previous years, when expired permits continued to grant access to facilities for a defined "grace period," there is a "hard stop" this year and access will no longer be granted unless a permit has been renewed manually or continued automatically through payroll deduction.

Parking and Transportation began mailing new permits in early August to employees who use payroll deduction. If employees haven’t received or forget to bring a new permit by Aug. 16, a valid DukeCard will allow gate access to their designated facility.

Faculty and staff with radio-frequency identification (RFID) stickers are asked to remove them from their vehicles as soon as possible after the switchover, which takes place at midnight, Aug. 15. An exception is made for ATC and HS permits with access to the Research Drive Garage. Their RFID stickers will remain functional. Other expired permits with embedded RFIDs should be discarded.

Duke community members who haven’t renewed or purchased a permit can still do so. Employees can check their permit status by clicking “manage my parking account” on the Parking and Transportation Services website.

For more details about permit use and renewal, visit this permit information page.