Several Campus Bus Routes to Change

This fall, new service impacts routes covering East, Central, West campuses

As Duke prepares for its new academic year, Parking and Transportation Services is making adjustments to several bus routes, effective Aug. 17.

Most notably, the C2 bus route will be shortened to serve only Central and West campuses, and its name will be changed to C4. The new C4 route, which will travel as far east as Alexander Avenue, will run from 7:05 a.m. to 5:10 p.m., after which the CCX route will take over for night service. The CCX will also offer service between East, Central and West campuses on weekends.

Students who need to travel between East and West campuses can still ride the C1, C3 and CSW routes on weekdays and the C1 or CCX on nights and weekends. 

“Over the past year we’ve worked to analyze as much Duke transit passenger information as we can in order to modify routes to best benefit the Duke community,” said Carl DePinto, director of Parking and Transportation Services. “We’re excited for what these changes will provide, streamlining services to enhance campus transit for everyone.”

In addition to these adjustments, other changes include:

  • The C1 and C1X routes will merge so that all East-West buses will stop at all bus stops along Campus Drive. There will be no East-West express buses this year.
  • C3 will run continuous service on weekdays from 8:05 a.m. to 5 p.m. Due to construction along Towerview Road, the route will detour to Cameron Boulevard in the fall and return to its normal route along Towerview for the spring semester.
  • To accommodate students living on Swift Avenue, C3 buses traveling southbound on Swift Avenue will stop at the corner of Swift and Hull streets, near 300 Swift Luxury Apartments.
  • CCX service will run along Swift Avenue when moving eastbound toward East Campus and on Campus Drive when heading westbound to West Campus.
  • PR1 will continue to detour along Cameron Boulevard with no Bassett Drive stops due to construction. This is a change that was implemented in May and will continue through this academic year.
  • Parking and Transportation will use of minibuses for lower ridership routes and/or service periods to improve fleet fuel efficiency. Minibuses will still be marked with their corresponding routes. 

Extra buses that are used to provide additional service on the H2 route during peak commute hours of 6 to 8 a.m. and 4:05 to 5:12 p.m. will make changes to stops depending on morning or afternoon service. 

Additional H2 route service in mornings will include stops at Yearby Avenue at the H Lot, Trent Drive at PG1/Baker House and the Duke Medicine Pavilion.

Additional H2 buses in the evening will include stops at the Duke Medicine Pavilion, Trent Drive by the Duke Student Health Center, Yearby Avenue at Anderson Street, 15th Street at Hillsborough Road and Hillsborough Road at Ninth Street.

A stop at Rutherford and Main streets will return to the H2 route for all-day service. See this updated schedule for full details on changes.

For more information about the fall bus schedule, please visit Duke’s Parking and Transportation Services website.