News Tip: Mental Health Should Be A Focus During Nepal Recovery, Duke Expert Says

Professor Brandon Kohrt spent 18 years working in Nepal and is now assisting in the recovery following the devastating earthquake there.

Professor Brandon Kohrt can discuss the short- and long-term mental health challenges that Nepali people will face in the wake of the devastating earthquake there. He can also discuss how well the nation is equipped to provide mental health and psychosocial treatment to survivors. He is currently working with two non-governmental organizations to address mental health issues in Nepal.•    Quote:      "Symptoms can appear weeks, months and even a year after the event," says professor      Brandon Kohrt, a medical anthropologist and psychiatrist at Duke University who worked      in Nepal for 18 years. "It’s important to reduce the initial stress in order to lessen the      impact later.”•    More information on Kohrt is available at:•    For additional comment, contact Kohrt at: