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Kornbluth Names Planning Committee for New Strategic Plan

Dear Duke Community: 

Earlier this semester I reported to the Academic Council on a new academic strategic planning process.  Today I am pleased to announce the formation of a steering committee under the leadership of chair Susan Lozier (Nicholas School of the Environment) and vice chair Noah Pickus (Kenan Institute for Ethics/Sanford School of Public Policy), and the launch of the first phase of what will be a university-wide discussion that will frame the next academic strategic plan for Duke University.   Duke has a strong tradition of turning ideas into action.  Our two most recent academic strategic plans, “Building on Excellence” and “Making a Difference,” have led to the renowned excellence of our faculty, a strong research infrastructure, and advances in teaching, learning, discovery and outreach that propelled Duke to the highest ranks of global universities.

We anticipate this to be an 18-month process that will engage a number and variety of stakeholders — faculty of course, but also students, staff, alumni and others interested in Duke’s future success and impact.  I have asked Susan and Noah to lead a committee (whose members are listed below) that will solicit input from throughout the university and prepare a white paper by the end of this academic year that defines the overarching themes we should consider for Duke, and for higher education in general.  That will be followed by a year of intense analysis, debate and consensus-building, with the goal of delivering a new academic strategic plan by summer 2016.  

Your engagement in this endeavor is crucial, and will form the basis of the steering committee’s work.  I invite you to visit the strategic plan website and participate in one of several opportunities to provide input through meetings, dinners, lunches and written submissions.  It is to Duke’s great credit and strength that our most enduring success, and most exhilarating innovations, have come from the ideas conceived, nurtured and executed by our community.  I hope you will join us in this effort.


Sally KornbluthProvostJames B. Duke Professor of Pharmacology and Cancer Biology


Strategic Planning Steering Committee membership 

Susan Lozier, ChairRonie-Richelle Garcia-Johnson Professor of Ocean SciencesNicholas School of the Environment Noah Pickus, Vice ChairNannerl O. Keohane Director of the Kenan Institute for EthicsAssociate Research Professor of Public Policy Gary BennettProfessor of Psychology & Neuroscience, Global Health & Medicine Charles CampbellProfessor of HomileticsDivinity School Charles ClotfelterZ. Smith Reynolds Professor of Public Policy StudiesProfessor of Economics and LawAssociate Dean for Academic Programs, Sanford School of Public Policy Laurent DuboisMarcello Lotti Professor of Romance Studies and History Alexander HarteminkProfessor of Computer Science, Statistical Science, and Biology Adriane Lentz-SmithAssociate ProfessorDepartment of History Marilyn OermannThelma M. Ingles Professor of NursingDirector of Evaluation and Educational ResearchSchool of Nursing Svati ShahAssociate Professor of MedicineVice-Chief, Translational ResearchDivision of CardiologySchool of Medicine Kristine StilesFrance Family Professor of Art, Art History & Visual Studies Peter UbelMadge and Dennis T. McLawhorn University ProfessorFuqua School of Business Jeffrey VincentClarence F. Korstian Professor of Forest Economics and ManagementNicholas School of the Environment Jennifer WestFitzpatrick Family University Professor of EngineeringPratt School of Engineering Jonathan WienerWilliam R. & Thomas L. Perkins Professor of LawProfessor of Environmental Policy and Professor of Public PolicyLaw School Ex officio Sally KornbluthProvostJames B. Duke Professor of Pharmacology & Cancer Biology 

Keith WhitfieldVice Provost for Academic AffairsProfessor of Psychology and Neuroscience