See Summer Blockbusters with Duke Discount

Duke employees can purchase discount movie tickets to Regal Entertainment theaters

Duke employees can save a few dollars off the regular adult price of a movie ticket.

When the Duke University Police Department names an employee of the month or hands out teamwork awards, the recognition usually comes with a token of the department’s appreciation: a pair of movie tickets. Presenting the movie tickets, which are purchased through PERQS, Duke’s employee discount program, has been a tradition for at least five years, said Ruby Thompkins, information services manager for the Police Department.  “They really look forward to receiving them,” Thompkins said. “The employees feel appreciated. It’s not simply, ‘I heard you did a good job.’ You give them something they can use with their family or friends.”The discount movie tickets are available for Regal Entertainment Group, which operates theaters in the Triangle. Two types of movie tickets are available:

  • Premiere Super Saver tickets, at $8 each, are accepted for any movie, any time. There is no expiration date. This is a savings of $2 off the regular adult price for an evening movie.
  • VIP Super Saver tickets, for $7 each, are not accepted during the first 12 days of a new release. This is a savings of $3 off the regular adult price for an evening movie.

“Employees appreciate the program and the savings they get,” said Kathy Dury, senior program coordinator with Staff and Family Programs in Duke Human Resources. “There are several departments also that will buy the tickets and use them as incentives for their areas.”For years, Duke Electrophysiology nurse clinician Kathy Brink has purchased tickets through the discount program, saving money when she took her three boys to see the latest Harry Potter adventure or Jim Carrey’s “A Christmas Carol” in 3-D.“It’s a big deal, especially for a family of five,” said Brink, who has worked at Duke for 21 years. Tickets can be purchased at the following times/locations:

  • Thursdays, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., at Duke Staff and Family Programs, 705 Broad Street. Cash only.
  • Fridays, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., at Duke Medical Center Human Resources, room 1527, Blue Zone, Duke South. The office is closed daily from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. for lunch. Cash only. 

Both locations combined sell more than 100 tickets each month, said Dury with Staff and Family Programs. Dury also bought tickets through the program and took her 9-year-old son to an evening movie. “Any little savings would help, but if you’re talking about a family of four, that’s pretty significant savings,” Dury said. “That can get you some popcorn.”