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News Tip: Google's Plan to Expand Internet Access 'A Welcomed Goal'

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Google reportedly plans to spend more than $1 billion to expand the availability of Internet access to unwired areas around the world.Ken RogersonLecturer and director of undergraduate studies, Duke University's Sanford School of Public Policyrogerson@duke.edu  Rogerson researches Internet politics and policy, and international communications. He is the editor of "International Communication in Social Movements and Interest Groups."Quotes:"Google's recent announcement that it would launch a satellite army to provide Internet access to the world is a welcomed goal. Currently, universal access is principally the providence of wealthy countries and there is a lot that the Internet could offer those who aren't as wealthy." "At the same time, it is unclear how individuals will get this access. Understandably, this plan is not simply a philanthropic effort -- Google wants markets and profit.  But these come only if people can actually get access to the satellites.""Google should pursue its plan -- hopefully with help and encouragement from political elites in these places where access is spotty or non-existent -- but should be very clear that the outcome is to improve the individual, end-user experience. This may mean additional investment in better phones, computers and local access hubs as well as satellites."                                                                                  _        _        _        _    Duke experts on a variety of other topics can be found at Note to broadcast editors: Duke provides an on-campus satellite uplink facility for live or pre-recorded television interviews, as well as a digital studio for interviews by Skype or Google Hangout. We are also equipped with ISDN connectivity for radio interviews. These services are usually available during normal business hours. Broadcast reporters should contact Scott Wells at (919) 660-1741 or James Todd at (919) 681-8061 to arrange an interview.