Adjusted Duke Bus Schedule Starts May 5

Some routes won't run until start of next academic year

Duke Parking and Transportation Services will begin its summer schedule for Duke bus routes on Monday, May 5. As part of the change, some routes will cease until August while others will make adjustments to normal routes.

The C1 buses, including C1: East-West, C1X: East-West Express and CSW: Smith Warehouse will not run until the 2014-15 academic year begins in August.

The C2: East-Central-West bus will operate throughout the summer but the route and schedule has changed because of upcoming construction on Campus Drive.

The following routes will continue to run throughout the summer. Check the following web pages for schedules and maps:

Route name

Route description

H2: Hospital Loop

Hillsborough Road - Duke Clinic - Duke Hospital

H5: Broad-Erwin

705 Broad St. - Mill Building - Hock Plaza - Center for Living

H6: Remote Lot-Hospital

LaSalle St. - Circuit Drive - Entry 11 Duke Clinic - Fulton St.

PR1: Bassett Research

Bassett Drive - Circuit Dr. - Entry 11 Duke Clinic

C2: East-Central-West weekday

East - Central - West campuses

C2: East-Central-West weekend

East - Central - West campuses

LL: LaSalle Loop

LaSalle St. - Research Drive - Entry 11 - Morreene Road

Duke community members can to track Duke buses in real time at For any questions regarding schedule changes, contact Duke Transit at (919) 684-2218 or email