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Duke Offers Admission To 2,697 High School Seniors

They represent 9 percent of the Regular Decision applicant pool

More than 2,600 high school seniors from across the country and around the world can go online at 7 p.m. ET Thursday (today) to learn that they have been accepted to Duke University.

A record 32,506 students applied for admission this year -- over 700 students more than last year. Of the more than 29,300 who applied under Regular Decision, 2,640 students -- 9 percent of the Regular Decision applicant pool -- will receive a notice of acceptance today inviting them to become members of the Class of 2018. Another 57 students who applied Early Decision and whose decisions were deferred to March also will learn they have been admitted.

These students have until May 1 to make their final decision.

In December, 797 students were admitted under the university's binding Early Decision program, 44 more than the year before.

"Admitting only 9 percent of our Regular Decision applicants made for some extraordinarily challenging decisions," said Christoph Guttentag, dean of undergraduate admissions. "The overwhelming majority of students applying to Duke are exceptionally qualified young women and men. They are smart, accomplished and interesting, and it was both humbling and gratifying to choose the next class of Duke students from among them.

"Unfortunately, it also means disappointing a considerable number of students who were fully deserving of admission to Duke. I wish we had the room for everyone who worked hard to earn a place here."

Duke's admissions policy is "need blind" for U.S. citizens and permanent residents, meaning applicants are accepted regardless of their ability to pay for college. Duke also meets 100 percent of demonstrated financial need for all admitted students.

"We're fortunate to have a financial aid office so committed to making Duke affordable for everyone," Guttentag said. "We have the complete freedom to admit the most compelling candidates regardless of a family's financial circumstances."

All admitted students are invited to campus for Blue Devil Days, a series of two-day events that provide students and their parents opportunities to discuss Duke's offerings with faculty and administrators, attend classes and tour Duke's campus. Participants also can get acquainted with other members of the Class of 2018. This year, Blue Devil Days will be held at three different times: April 6-7, April 17-18 and April 21-22.   All students who applied for admission will be able to receive their decisions online, but only those students who are admitted will receive mailed letters. As in previous recent years, students will be able to reply online to offers of admission or the opportunity to be placed on the waiting list. 

Below Alex Semien and Rachael Nedrow welcome the students admitted to the Class of 2018. Blue Devil Days begin Sunday, April 6.

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