West Union Renovation Heads into New Phase

Construction team officially starting the demolition of the West Union core

The West Union rennovation took a new step forward, proceeding with the demolition of the core of the building. Project manager Will Senner and the Skanska Team successfully made a structural dividing line between the rest of the building and the core.  Areas to be preserved include the Cambridge Inn and the Great Hall. The core will be completely demolished. The West Union will see many changes including a glass facade replacing the South wall, a decentralized dining system, and reintroduction of classic aspects such as the pub. 

This demolition signals the next phase of action in the compeltion of the rennovation. Workers are taking extra care to preserve the historic parts of the building. While improved quality of dining and more modern elements are important, retaining the classic nature of the building is a top priority. The construction team is salvaging architectural components like windows, railings, and doors, hoping to incorporate them into to the rennovation.