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The Week at Duke {in 60 Seconds}: Infant Health; Gen. Michael Hayden; 'Fact Guy'

The Week at Duke {in 60 Seconds}: Infant Health; Gen. Michael Hayden; 'Fact Guy'

A week's worth of campus news delivered in a minute

November 6, 2013 |
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A Duke study finds that nurse home visits to newborns and their mothers reduced emergency room visits for babies by 50 percent in their first year of life.  The program was developed by Duke's Center for Child and Family Policy in partnership with the Durham County Health Department.

Former CIA director General Michael Hayden speaks November 11 at Duke's Sanford School on "Leakers or Whistleblowers? National Security Reporting in the Digital Age."

Duke faculty continue to bring their expertise to bear on issues of the day with recent op-eds on medical costs, caring for orphans in low-wealth countries, the history of slavery in the Caribbean, among other topics.

Alumnus Adam Chodikoff returned to campus and described his role as "the fact guy" for "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart." Chodikoff's visit was part of the Duke Arts Festival, which included -- surprise -- a body-painting-and-dance event promoting the festival's theme of sustainability.

Finally, thanks to everyone who submitted photos on the #DukeFall hashtag for capturing the beauty of our campus.

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