New Parking Available on Hillsborough Road

Employees can park for $8.25 a month

Duke community members who regularly park in lots near-or-on Hillsborough Road have a new option.

Parking and Transportation Services recently opened up 118 additional paved parking spaces at Grey Stone Baptist Church for use by students and employees. The spaces are available to all R1 permit holders at $8.25 per month. The lot also acts as overflow parking for H and HR permit holders.

The new, paved spaces are in the lot to the west of the church and the location receives service from the H2: Hospital Loop bus route.  To use the bus, employees only need to walk past the front of the church and wait at the bus stop at the 15th Street-Hillsborough Road intersection.

"When it comes to parking, it's easy for us to be creatures of habit, but this offers a great location that's very accessible to buses," said Sam Veraldi, director of Parking and Transportation Services. "Parking spots are always in demand, so we wanted to make sure we could offer lower-cost parking that's also convenient."

For more information about parking options at Duke, visit the Parking and Transportation Services website.