Duke Pushes Back Its Early Decision Application Deadline

Duke has pushed back by a week its deadline for high school seniors applying Early Decision, in response to problems that a number of students and school personnel are experiencing with the Common Application.

On Thursday, Christoph Guttentag, the dean of undergraduate admissions, sent an email about the deadline being extended to Nov. 8 to thousands of students who previously had expressed an interest in applying to Duke.

"All applications will continue to receive the same careful review and consideration, and we expect to make our decisions available in mid-December as originally planned," Guttentag noted in his email.   

The Common Application is the online application high school seniors all over the country use to apply to multiple colleges and universities. The application underwent a major digital revamp this year, and many students have experienced problems using the new form.

Duke's Early Decision application process is binding, which means if students know Duke is their first choice and they apply Early Decision, they are committed to enroll if they are admitted in December.

To listen to Guttentag discuss the Common Application issue with Marketplace earlier this month, click here.