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Duke Recognized for Tobacco Cessation Programs

12-month program helps 167 employees quit tobacco last year

Duke's tobacco cessation programs for employees have been recognized by the NC Prevention Partners with the designation as a Gold Star Standard Hospital. 

The Gold Star Standard recognizes Duke's efforts to refers employees to effective quit programs, provide comprehensive benefits such as nicotine replacement therapy and prescription medications and offer attractive incentives to encourage employees to quit tobacco use. 

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"Our comprehensive tobacco cessation program provides participants support over a 12-month period," said Julie Joyner, manager of Duke's LIVE FOR LIFE employee wellness program. "In the last year we have helped 167 employees quit smoking without starting back again later. Because of our long-term support, our success rate has been above the national standard. It's incredibly rewarding to help those who struggle to quit tobacco and experience the positive impact it has on their lives."

NC Prevention Partners, a non-profit agency that works with hospital leaders and staff to enhance and sustain employee wellness programs, announced the recognition on April 26. 

"Duke University Medical Center continues to set a high bar in terms of their cessation program for employees," said Anne Thornhill, director at NC Prevention Partners. "They are doing a great job in supporting their employees in quitting the use of tobacco. I applaud their great effort."

For more information about Duke’s tobacco cessation programs, visit the LIVE FOR LIFE website