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News Tip: Tax Day Serves as 'Ceremony of Fiscal Citizenship'

The centennial anniversary of Tax Day is April 15. Duke law professor Lawrence Zelenak's new book, "Learning to Love Form 1040: Two Cheers for the the Return-Based Mass Income Tax," examines Tax Day's unique place in the American psyche, as manifested in popular culture and political thought. Lawrence Zelenak Pamela B. Gann Professor of Law, Duke University School of Law Zelenak teaches income tax, corporate tax, a tax policy seminar and torts. His publications include numerous articles on tax policy issues and a treatise on federal income taxation of individuals. Quote: "The two great obligations of citizenship are voting and paying taxes, and just as there is a ceremonial aspect to voting, there ought to be -- and in the case of return-based taxation there is -- a ceremony of fiscal citizenship through filing your tax return."                                     _        _        _        _  Duke experts on a variety of other topics can be found at