Live Q&A April 5: Bill Wright-Swadel on Career Myths and Facts for Graduating Students

The director of Duke's Career Center participates in an "Office Hours" conversation Friday at noon

Graduating students will soon take their first steps down career paths that may take unforeseen directions. In his 30 years as a college career counselor, William Wright-Swadel has picked up some wisdom about the road ahead for soon-to-be graduates, which he'll share in a live "Office Hours" webcast interview at noon Friday, April 5.

"One common myth is the overstated significance of one's first opportunity after graduation," says Wright-Swadel, the Fannie Mitchell executive director of Duke's Career Center. "Twenty years ago it was not entirely significant for predicting liberal arts students' career direction, and it appears to be even less significant today."

Watch the interview live on this webpage or on Duke Today. To pose a question to Wright-Swadel, email, Tweet at @DukeOfficeHours or post to the Duke Office Hours Facebook page.

Since 2008, Wright-Swadel has overseen the Career Center, which advises graduate students as well as undergraduates. Prior to coming to Duke, he headed career services at Harvard, Dartmouth and the University of Rhode Island.

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