Class of 2017 Admitted Students Visit for Blue Devil Days

Prospective students attend classes, meet professors, and consider Duke

Students from last year's Blue Devil Days speak with professors at a fair with information about clubs, extracurriculars, and acdemic departments.

Not any time more than now are Duke students saying, "Meet my 'p-frosh,'" or "potential freshman" as they are affectionately called. As many current students may remember when they were high school seniors, this is crunch time for college decisions. On March 26th, Duke admitted 2,929 students to the Class of 2017 at Duke. Now these potential Dukies must weigh in their college choices, some hard, some easy.

One way which clarifies the process is Blue Devil Days, Duke's program for showcasing itself to prosepctive admitted students. The two-day program consists of a full schedule of events from informational and Q&A sessions, tours, activities and a few sweet giveaways. Students can visit classes, and there are opportunities for students to explore without parents. Current Duke students volunteer to host prosopective students the one night they are here.

Blue Devil Days is an opportunity for Duke to put its best foot forward. Prospective students can immerse themselves in what it means to be a Blue Devil and get the best glimpse at what it may be like living, learning and growing at Duke. Nick Sam, a first-year who attended Blue Devils Days last year,"Blue Devil Days was a really great opportunity. I was able to see what Duke was like before I came and I made plenty ofd friends, many of whom are my closest here at Duke."

Blue Devil Days offers three sessions: April 8-9, April 18-19, and April 21-22.

Admitted students have until May 1 to notify undergraduate admissions of their college decision.

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