The Week at Duke {in 60 Seconds}: Senator Lugar; Touching Infra-Red

A week's worth of campus news delivered in a minute.

February is a busy month for major speakers on campus. Former U.S. senator Richard Lugar spoke last week about the "out of control" partisanship he sees in Congress. Harvard law professor Randall Kennedy gave the first of five lectures at the Duke Law School on the legal achievements of the Civil Rights Movement.

And coming up on February 25th, a talk by attorney Sarah Weddington who represented "Jane Roe" in the famous Roe v. Wade case. On the 28th, the ambassador of South Sudan Akec Khoc speaks on food security in Africa.

In science news... Duke researchers have developed a brain-machine interface that enables lab rats to perceive infra-red light through the sensory system normally used for touch. It"s a step in the development of neuroprosthetic devices for humans.

Want to buy a boat? After 31 years of service, the Duke Marine Lab's R/V Cape Hatteras research vessel is up for sale.