The Week at Duke {in 60 Seconds}: 'Dognition;' Senator Cowan; Cooking Class

Juniors Emily Sobel and Danny Nolan deliver a week's worth of campus news in a minute

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What is your dog thinking? The new "Dognition" website draws on canine cognition research to help you better understand how your dog communicates. The start-up business is a collaboration between evolutionary anthropologist Brian Hare and law professor Kip Frey.The newest U.S. Senator is a graduate of Duke. Mo Cowan -- Trinity class of Ninety One -- was appointed last week to represent Massachusetts. He fills the seat vacated by the newly confirmed Secretary of State John Kerry.Bill Boulding, dean of Duke's Fuqua School of Business, has been selected to continue in his current role for a full term.In research news, engineers in Duke's Pratt School have developed a material to keep ships clean and lean. When painted on a boat's hull, the substance keeps away barnacles and bacteria. A study by a Duke and a UNC professor finds the number of homegrown terrorism incidents by Muslim-Americans has dropped for the third consecutive year.  Professor Patrick Charbonneau is teaching a freshman seminar on the Chemistry and Physics of Cooking. For this class, the final exam includes a banquet.