The Week at Duke {in 60 Seconds}: Gun Debate; MLK Address; Bryan Center

Juniors Danny Nolan and Emily Sobel deliver a week's worth of campus news in a minute.

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Duke faculty and students have been weighing in on the national debate about gun policy. One prominent voice in the debate is public policy professor Phil Cook."I think we are at a point now that is much like we were in the 1980s with drunk driving," Cook said. "MADD and other organizations worked hard to get judges to treat that as a serious crime and I think now we have to make sure that the judges take illegal carrying of guns as a serious crime."A new study led by Duke doctor Barton Haynes helps scientists better understand how an experimental HIV vaccine works -- and where it fails.The keynote address at Duke's Martin Luther King Junior celebration January 20 will be given by Duke Divinity School professor the Reverend William Turner.Biology professor Mohamed Noor is teaching a free online course on evolution and genetics on the Coursera platform.The Bryan Center is getting a makeover. It will eventually look like this.