The Week at Duke {in 60 Seconds}: First Black Students; $50 Million Gift; New Sensor

Juniors Emily Sobel and Danny Nolan deliver a week's worth of campus news in a minute.

The first African-American students at Duke enrolled fifty years ago. The university is marking the anniversary with a series of events beginning with a kick-off celebration this Friday at the Nasher Museum of Art.Duke trustee Anne Bass and her husband Robert are giving 50 million dollars to the university. The money will fund the new "Bass Connections" initiative to encourage students and faculty to tackle complex societal problems.English professor Cathy Davidson is teaming up with Economics Professor Dan Ariely to teach a course, called "Surprise Endings," on literature and the social sciences. Students in the class are assigned to develop a new online course. Duke engineers have developed a novel sensor that could potentially be used in airport scanners and other devices. It includes a "metamaterial" developed at Duke and aims to be more efficient, more versatile and cheaper than current sensors.A record thirty-one thousand, seven hundred fifty-two high school seniors have applied to Duke this year. Good luck guys!