Timely Tire Discount

Duke PERQS discount saves helps Laura Isaiah prepare for a long car journey

Duke's PERQS program includes a 15 percent discount on tires from Durham tire retailer, Just Tires. Photo courtesy of Just Tires.

Memorial Day was fast approaching, and Laura Isaiah dreaded driving her Suzuki Forenza from Raleigh to South Carolina with old tires.

She had checked four tire shop websites to compare prices but was struggling to make up her mind when she received an email from PERQS, Duke's employee discount program. The notice advertised a 15 percent discount at Durham tire retailer, Just Tires.

"I opened up the email and saw that Just Tires was offering a discount and said, `wow, what a blessing,' " said Isaiah, an administrative assistant at the Duke Eye Center.

Isaiah said the decision to go with Just Tires was easy because she bought her last set of tires from the company before she worked at Duke. "I didn't have the discount then," she said. "So I jumped at it this time."

The discount saved Isaiah nearly $30 on two new tires.

Just Tires also offers customers free rotation and balancing service every 3,000 to 5,000 miles with the purchase of two or more tires.

Laura Isaiah
Isaiah, who has worked at Duke for nearly three years, said she closely follows discounts offered through PERQS emails and has used other discounts to save on floor finishing, shoes and local eateries such as Biscuitville.

"The vacation and healthcare benefits I get because I work at Duke are awesome," she said. "But the PERQS discount is like icing on the cake." 

Visit the Human Resources website for a full list of PERQS discounts.