Student Artists Autograph Photos Thursday

Support student art, get a great holiday gift, and donate to a good cause!

Photo Credit: Kristie Vu
Photo Credit: Kristie Vu

All student photographers will be present in the Allen Building from 4-5pm on Thursday, December 6 as part of the event celebrating their work. Photographs will be on sale for $50. See the Duke calendar event here.

Former students of Antonio Bogaert's Practice in Photography course used their camera skills to support, a nonprofit organization promoting global access to clean water.

"Although technical aspects of photography are covered in this course, the main focus is on the use of photography as a means of sparking the imagination, helping make a stronger connection to the visual fabric of our daily lives and surroundings, increasing our understanding, appreciation, and relation to it, and creating images with deeper personal meaning," Bogaert wrote in the course description. "These practices are also helpful in reducing stress and gaining inspiration for other areas of life."

The photos are gracing the first floor of the Allen building through December 6th and are serving a dual purpose as a fundraiser. Small prints are $50 and large prints are $200, with checks payable to Duke University. Students are donating all proceeds to

For more information, contact the Office of the Vice Provost for the Arts. Check out the full exhibit online.