Celebrate Global Foods at Friday's Farmers Market

Final market of season features 'International Celebration'

The Duke Farmers Market offers a variety of fresh produce, including fruits and vegetables picked that morning. Photo by Duke Photography.
The Duke Farmers Market offers a variety of fresh produce, including fruits and vegetables picked that morning. Photo by Duke Photography.

The current season of the Duke Farmers Market will wrap up this Friday with an "International Celebration."

The event is a play off of the theme of this year's market, "Local Foods, Global Flavors." Throughout the season market-goers have picked up a special book featuring recipes from around the world with ingredients found at the farmers market. Friday's festival will run between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. when students, faculty and staff can find fresh fruits, vegetables and other goods delivered that morning from local farmers and vendors. The market is off Research Drive between the Nanaline H. Duke and Bryan Research buildings.

As the Duke Farmers Market comes to a close this Friday - it runs annually from April to September - slightly more than 2,500 unique Duke-affiliated visitors checked in at the market this season by swiping their DukeCard at one of the market entrances.

"We're glad that so many Duke students and employees decided to join us this year to make the market a hit," said Diana Monroe, a health education specialist with LIVE FOR LIFE who organizes the farmers market. "It's been fun highlighting a variety of foods from around the world and showing visitors new ways to prepare foods with local produce."

On Friday, visitors can pick up a copy of the Local Foods, Global Flavors recipe book and talk with Kyle Munn, program assistant with the Master of International Development Policy Program. She provided a recipe for goya champuru that's featured in the cookbook. The Japanese recipe became a favorite of Munn's when she spent time in the country and features goya - a bitter melon or gourd.

"It's so easy to make and whenever I eat it my mind is instantly transported to the warm, sunny beaches of Okinawa," Munn said. "The funny thing is the first time I tried it the bitterness of the gourd was a turn off for me, but I gave it a second chance and now I eat it whenever it's in season."

The market will also feature a visit from Bountiful Backyards, a Durham-based company that specializes in creating edible gardens. Sarah Vroom, a landscape designer with Bountiful Backyards, will focus on how to grow Mediterranean herbs like parsley, sage, thyme, and oregano.

Other highlights include:

  • International-theme decorations.
  • A display of sample boxes from the Duke Mobile Farmers Market. LIVE FOR LIFE staff will be on hand to answer any questions about the weekly, pick-up market.
  • Sign up and information about the Pumpkin Fun Run on Oct. 13.

Along with special displays and events, the normal lineup of farmers and vendors will also be available at the market.