Small Section of Fuqua Drive Closed for Repairs

Storm drain collapse causes segment of asphalt to cave-in

A small segment of Fuqua Drive leading to the circular entrance to the Thomas F. Keller Center will be closed for up to three weeks.

The closure is necessary due to the collapse of a storm drain that runs under the road. The collapse triggered a 5-feet long by 18-to-24 inch wide section of asphalt to cave-in on Thursday.

Vehicles and pedestrians will not be permitted on part of Fuqua Drive until repairs are complete. Alternate parking for motorists with Fuqua permits is available in the gated Fuqua lot, and 25 spaces are available in the Science Drive visitor lot. To use the visitor lot, please show your valid 2013 "FUQ" permit to the officer who will staff the area from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. weekdays.

Pedestrians are encouraged to avoid the area and use other entrances to the Thomas F. Keller Center.