Find A Golden Ticket, Win Prizes

Review personal data beginning Aug. 6 as part of "Check Yourself" campaign

The "Check Yourself" contest begins Aug. 6. Participating employees could find a "golden ticket" and choose from several prizes.

Just like Charlie from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Duke staff and faculty will soon have a chance to find a golden ticket.

For the second year, Duke staff and faculty are encouraged to participate in the "Check Yourself" campaign, an effort to have individuals check and verify their personal information on the Duke@Work self-service website.

During the campaign, which runs Aug. 6 to Aug. 19, "golden tickets" will be hidden on various pages of personal information linked from the "My Profile" section of Duke@Work. Five randomly chosen employees will receive a golden ticket that provides the chance to select from a handful of prizes, including an Employee Athletic Pass, tickets to a show at the Durham Performing Arts Center and a 50-minute massage.

"This campaign helps us ensure that the data in our system is accurate, which in turn makes us more efficient in sending out communications about health insurance, retirement and other benefits," said Bill Marchese, director of the Human Resources Information Center. "When the data is correct, everyone benefits."

Single Source for Address Changes

Duke@Work is also becoming the single source for addresses changes for all benefit vendors. Historically, address changes in Duke@Work have updated health and dental vendors but did not update retirement plan or voluntary benefit vendors.

Starting Aug. 1, Duke's retirement plan vendors will use addresses from Duke to update participant home address information, making is easier for faculty and staff to update their address when necessary.

How to Find a Golden Ticket

To participate in the campaign, employees must check their personal information in their "My Profile" section of Duke@Work. Areas to edit or verify personal information include home address and phone number, internal office address, external work address, cell phone number, race/ethnicity, county of residence and dependent information.

Prizes for golden ticket recipients include:

Individuals must check all of their personal data fields to learn if they have one of the five golden tickets. Those who find a golden ticket should call the Human Resources Information Center at (919) 684-5600 to redeem the ticket for one of the available prizes. Golden ticket holders are offered prizes on a first-come, first-served basis.