Court Decision Will Not Impact Duke Health Plans

Duke does not anticipate any immediate change to its health plans

Following the U.S. Supreme Court announcement today upholding the Affordable Care Act, Duke officials confirmed that that the university is prepared to implement the changes in the coming years associated with health care reform.

"During the past several years, we have been aggressively managing our health care plans for our faculty and staff, and part of that management has been to model potential impacts associated with changes under national health care reform," said Kyle Cavanaugh, vice president for administration. "We do not anticipate any immediate change and little change next year, and we are well positioned to manage the potential changes related to health care reform in 2014 and beyond."

Cavanaugh said that currently he is expecting modest change in Duke's health plans for 2013 based largely on rising costs for health and pharmacy claims for employees and their covered dependents. The only substantive change in 2013 related to the Affordable Care Act is a maximum limit of $2,500 for reimbursement accounts.

More information about Duke’s plans for 2013 will be announced in the fall during the annual open enrollment period.