Transit Advisory: Summer Bus Schedule

Parking and Transportation Services will make adjustments to summer transit times

With the conclusion of the academic year, Duke Parking and Transportation Services will implement a summer schedule for Duke bus routes serving Duke and Durham.

Effective May 7, the C-1 and Robertson Scholars Express Bus will not run until the 2012-13 academic year begins in August. The following routes will continue to run throughout the summer. Check the following web pages for schedules and maps:

RouteDescriptionH-1PG III - Hospital North - Entry 11 Duke ClinicH-3Hillsborough Road - Hospital North - Duke ClinicH-5705 Broad St. - Mill Building - Hock Plaza - Center for LivingH-6LaSalle Street - Research Drive - Clinic - HospitalPR-1Bassett Drive - Circuit Drive - Entry 11 Duke ClinicC-2 WeekdaysEast - Central - West campusesC-2 WeekendsEast - Central - West campusesLaSalle LoopLaSalle Street - Research Drive - Entry 11 - Morreene Road

Remember to visit to track Duke buses in real time and contact Duke Transit at 919-684-2218 or with any questions.