News Tip: No Need to Celebrate First Anniversary of bin Laden Killing

Bruce Lawrence asks: is the death of bin Laden merely the end of one threat from a wily Islamist adversary?

Bruce LawrenceProfessor emeritus of religion, Duke University specializes in the comparative study of religious movements; institutional Islam, especially in Asia; the religious masks of violence; and contemporary Islam as an Abrahamic faith and religious ideology. He is also the inaugural director of the Duke Islamic Studies Center. Quote:"The Arab Spring seemed to augur the end of al-Qaida. At last, there was a better way forward for Muslim critics than extremism: challenge and change the status quo, don't kill the enemy either at home or abroad."One year after the take down of bin Laden, and 16 months after the Arab Spring, a crucial question remains unanswered: has new life come to the Arab world, or is the death of bin Laden merely the end of one threat, but not the end of all threats, from a wily Islamist adversary?"Military historian and popular columnist Max Boot noted one year ago: 'The battle against bin Laden is over; the battle against bin Ladenism continues.' Boot may be right, and if so, the party for this year's first anniversary of bin Laden's death should be restrained, or even canceled."