Student Environmental Group Releases Annual Newsletter

Duke University Greening Initiative reviews annual projects in newsletter

Duke University Greening Initiative recently released its third annual newsletter to its Duke and Nicholas School administrators and colleagues, board of advisors, and supporters.  This year the DUGI team has been working to support Duke's sustainability mission through three subcommittees: green outreach, recycling, and energy.

The green outreach committee has developed a green-living guide specific to Duke graduate students, inspired by Duke's undergraduate version. "Green Book - Grad Style" provides suggestions for living sustainably in Durham, and will be distributed to students during Fall 2012 orientation.

The recycling subcommittee has been in intensive discussion and collaboration with members of each graduate school to identify recycling issues and frustrations facing students in all graduate buildings. They have developed a one-pager outline the procedure of acquiring a recycling bin to reduce duplication of efforts.

The energy subcommittee has recently released a user behavior survey to learn more about energy and water use in graduate buildings. The survey will be used to increase community awareness of conservation opportunities.

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