Duke Marine Lab Auxiliaries is a Green Workplace

Work area is the seventh to receive Duke Green Workplace Certification

Duke Marine Lab Auxiliaries is the seventh group to earn the Duke Green Workplace Certification.  The Green Workplace Certification recognizes work areas that formally
assess how they are reducing their environmental footprint. Marine Lab Auxiliaries achieved 44 items out of 57 possible items on a checklist that measures workplace sustainability. 

Sustainable practices in Marine Lab Auxiliaries include combining purchasing orders to buy in bulk, using videoconferencing instead of travelling, and using reusable, BPA free water bottles instead of disposable plastic bottles. Many points were also earned for reducing paper use, as well as energy and water conservation measures that are common practice in the workplace.

Additional points were awarded for a creative action taken by the workplace, which practices closed-loop composting on site.  Staff save kitchen scraps for composting and the compost is used in the Green Wave garden to grow vegetables and herbs for use by the dining hall.

Office of Sustainability administers the Duke Green Workplace Certification, which begins when a
representative from a work area attends the free "Leading for
Environmental Sustainability" workshop. As part of the workshop,
participants receive a checklist of sustainable practices ranging from
double-sided printing to using eco-friendly dishwashing soap in a break
room. A work area that can demonstrate it follows at least 40 of the
checklist's 57 items can apply for certification and permission to post
the Duke Green Workplace seal in its office and on materials.

View a complete list of certified offices and the actions they completed to earn certification.