Duke Employees 'Get Moving' With Over 463 Million Steps

Faculty and staff record 197,045 miles of movement during competition

Over the course of eight weeks of the "Get Moving Challenge," Duke's 10-week, team-based health competition, nearly 2,759 staff and faculty have amassed just over 463 million steps as of March 19. 

That amount is roughly the equivalent of walking around the circumference of the world eight times. It's also like running 7,550 marathons.

"The dedication and effort Duke community members have put into the Get Moving Challenge has been wonderful," said Julie Joyner , manager of LIVE FOR LIFE, Duke's employee wellness program and sponsor of the program. "With just two weeks left in the competition, I'm excited to see where our numbers end up."

The Get Moving Challenge ends April 1.

In addition to the large number of steps faculty and staff have accrued, they've also logged 2.1 million minutes of exercise - or about 1,486 days. Employees have also lost a combined 3,254 pounds.

The deadline for submitting results for round four of the Get Moving Challenge is this Sunday, March 25.