Duke Today Podcast: The Duke Idea Interview with Jimmy Carter

President Richard Brodhead shared a discussion on politics, education and foreign policy during a Duke Idea event in Atlanta.

University President Richard Brodhead welcomed former U.S. President
Jimmy Carter and his grandson, Jason Carter '97, to a "Duke Idea" event for alumni
and friends in Atlanta last month. 

Brodhead hailed Carter as "not only a great President, but
perhaps the greatest ex-president in modern American history." Carter
talked about his presidency, his volunteer work for Habitat for Humanity and
his experience monitoring elections around the world. 

Video of the event is available on the Duke on Demand website.

The next "Duke Idea" will take place March 20 in Charlotte,
with Dr. Michael Kasten, executive director of the Duke Cancer Institute. The
topic is "Meeting the Challenge of Cancer." The series is sponsored
by the Duke Alumni Association.