Two Staff Members Caught Green Handed at the Free Store

Maryjoe Clancy and Dayna Olson-Getty donated a waffle iron and a window shade

Week 3 Winners - Maryjoe Clancy and Dayna Olson-GettyMaryjoe Clancy and Dayna Olson-Getty, both staff members at the Duke Divinity School, were caught donating a waffle iron and a window shade to the Free Store. Their donations were enjoyed by students shortly afterwards. Maryjoe and Dayna received eco-friendly prizes in recognition of their sustainable behavior.
How did you hear about the Duke Free Store?We heard about it through the Divinity School Employee Newsletter. We're not subscribed to the sustainability listserve, but our newsletter included a blurb on the Free Store.What other things do you do to live sustainably at home?Darya: I use cloth diapers for my baby as much as I can.Maryjoe: I try to reuse cereal bags for a variety of different uses.Will you be caught green handed next? Get Caught Green Handed is an initiative of Students for Sustainable Living created to reward sustainability actions at Duke. Get caught doing something eco-friendly, and receive great prizes including t-shirts, stainless steel water bottles and reusable grocery bags!  It's simple, just take actions throughout the day to reduce your environmental footprint and with a little luck, you could be caught GREEN HANDED! The contest will continue on a twice monthly basis throughout the fall semester.